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It is likely possible I’m getting a job working for a server as a Endless Dungeon Designer


Some preview pictures of the spawn I’m making for my server…..

An amazing construct, I congratulate you.

Soo, I'm certainly a far cry from being a Minecraft noob, but I recognize an opportunity when I see one. Would you, perhaps, bequeath your knowledge upon me so that I might become that little bit better?

ohkay this are just opinionated Tips. some may be very obvious to everyone and some may be overlooked.

here are some things I feel that might help

  1. Pumpkins are very important, if you find a mountain range, try walking around it to see them.
  2. Dark oak and spruce is also very important, always get their saplings.
  3. watermelons are never important
  4. if you plan to make a farm, do not do the straight line water thing, instead make a hole thats 2 blocks deep, put a jack o’lantern in the 1st space and water on the top space, then make a plotsoil of 4 around the water block, if you have something to safely cover the waterblock then use it. this is called a Plot and it gives the best amount of food.
  5. shoot creepers with arrows
  6. don’t make an ugly house, just don’t. don’t make an ugly house, you can make a small house but don’t make it ugly.
  7. don’t make a house that is ridiculously big
  9. I wrote Ender Dragon erotica once….gave it to the server owner, became a Moderator.
  10. don’t laugh but I don’t fight in minecraft a lot.
  11. yiff
  12. don’t make cookies, just, just don’t.
  13. pumpkin pie is amazing inrl
  14. go to 3rd person view at Night. trust me.
  15. if you are accidently in a pvp server. go west. always go west, don’t stop going west. griefers do not understand the existence of west.
  16. if you see someone following you, hide in water, they will eventually give up. always carry a boat around.


Ganon’s Castle. My first Minecraft build ever. Includes each of the six sage sections, all the floors of the main tower, the escape route from the tower’s roof to the back door, and a few extras that explore the six towers surrounding the castle’s base. If you guys want, I’ll show the inside.

you are inspiring me to make my own version

I need help making a running server

If you have any question please feel free to ask me immediately.


Just… talk to me. Its been a year.

All Layerworld

Dark Ages

2;10x10,4x87,129,56,8x12:1,12,82,73,21,14,15,16,30x1,20x0,89,86,100:14,110,15x0,18,18:2,18:1,18:3,162,162:1,17:3,17:2,17,17:1,17:3,161,161:1,12:1,2;29;stronghold(distance=1.0 count=30,spread=100),village(size=100 distance=9),decoration,dungeon(chance=1.0),mineshaft,lava_lake,lake,biome_1

Podzol Axolotl

2;10x10,4x87,129,56,8x12:1,12,82,73,21,14,15,16,30x1,20x0,89,86,100:14,110,15x0,18,18:2,18:1,18:3,162,162:1,17:3,17:2,17,17:1,17:3,161,161:1,12:1,3:2;32;stronghold(distance=1.0 count=30,spread=100),village(size=100 distance=9),decoration,dungeon(chance=1.0),mineshaft,lava_lake,lake,biome_1

mushroom pizza map:

2;10x10,4x87,129,56,8x12:1,12,82,73,21,14,15,16,30x1,20x0,89,86,100:14,110,15x0,18,18:2,18:1,18:3,162,162:1,17:3,17:2,17,17:1,17:3,161,161:1,12,2;14;stronghold(distance=1.0 count=30,spread=100),village(size=100 distance=9),decoration,dungeon(chance=1.0),mineshaft,lava_lake,lake,biome_1

Green Heaven Map:

2;10x10,4x87,129,56,8x12:1,12,82,73,21,14,15,16,30x1,20x0,89,86,100:14,110,15x0,18,18:2,18:1,18:3,162,162:1,17:3,17:2,17,17:1,17:3,161,161:1,12,2;1;stronghold(distance=1.0 count=30,spread=100),village(size=100 distance=9),decoration,dungeon(chance=1.0),mineshaft,lava_lake,lake,biome_1

Brown Hell: 

2;10x10,4x87,129,56,8x12:1,12,82,73,21,14,15,16,30x1,20x0,89,86,100:14,110,15x0,18,18:2,18:1,18:3,162,162:1,17:3,17:2,17,17:1,17:3,161,161:1,12,2;2;stronghold(distance=1.0 count=30,spread=100),village(size=100 distance=9),decoration,dungeon(chance=1.0),mineshaft,lava_lake,lake,biome_1

Unsustainable Purge:

2;10x10,4x87,129,56,8x12:1,12,82,73,21,14,15,16,30x1,20x0,89,86,100:14,110,15x0,18,18:2,18:1,18:3,162,162:1,17:3,17:2,17,17:1,17:3,161,161:1,12,121;9;stronghold(distance=1.0 count=30,spread=100),village(size=100 distance=9),decoration,dungeon(chance=1.0),mineshaft,lava_lake,lake,biome_1


Layered Maps is a Superflat world code designed to make it entirely survivable. providing you with different types of overworlds to use as a challenge.

a combination of Artistic Surrealism and Survival Instinct. explore Worlds of everlasting adventure.

an Impossibly massive Village, a kingdom ruled by towering mushrooms, an Endless Forest, A Decaying Landscape, and an Empire of Darkness.

the only tears you will cry about is: Where is the paper?


Things to know:

This post will be edited over and over so make sure to Check up, The Codes may be Updated constantly, new Overworld types may appear.

current World Types are 1.5, they work only for MC1.7.2

[code update Nov/12/13]

*Added Clean Sand and Clay to the “Stone Plate” Underworld

  • Currently to my knowledge there isn’t a legit way to obtain Sugarcane, if they do exist in this naturally, PLEASE TELL ME! so I can be at ease with this already. 

* Added a Prepared Map (Spawn only), the sugarcane was artificially placed here.


Read more for information on how to implement these codes.

Read More

How to Play Minecraft: Dark Ages

I want to do a guide for surviving an Endless Forest. So here you go.

—-The Beginning —-

When you spawn, you should use this small “legal cheat” . Allow yourself to gain 1 of all seed types and 2 of every friendly mob.

Now go back to survival, any cheating after this is Illegal.

—- lets actually start —-

1st things 1st, you need wood. Cut down all trees in spawn (except the one that contains the chest If you downloaded my map). 

Once you have a large clearing, it’s time to build a small wooden tower. Try to be artistic if you are in a server!

Use this tower to mark how close the nearest pond is, if you don’t see the pond, walk but try to have a good view of your tower. There are no stone on this layer of the map so you are unable to make torches.

Once you have a pond, plant your sugar cane. Its important to have a way to gain paper.

At the center of your pond, start mining down until you have breached this layer. The second step of your journey begins.

—-The Wonderful wasteland—-

You have reach the 1st layer of the underworld, the ground is rotton and gourds span beneath you.  Your 1st source of lighting is here but sadly its difficult to reach.

Hopefully you should be able to rise back to the overworld since you created a passage of water to elevate yourself.

Now dig down, there isn’t much to do here just yet.

—- The Plate of Stone —-

You have dug down safely onto the 2 layer of the underworld,  now you have stone, use this to reinforce your tower and begin forging with a furnace.  If you are on peaceful, turn it on to easy now.

Kill as many creepers as you can, don’t die!

You will need to blast your way 40 blocks downward to claim your prize. If you downloaded the map you shouldn’t know what is down here. 

You should be able to create maps at this point. If you were lucky enough to have a pond near the tower then  you should have no problems. You are now able to create anything safely. 3 entire worlds filled with beauty at your command, no longer do you need to walk days where everything you need is below your very feet.

—- life in the forest—-

Now that you have access to every material it should be possible to create a decent house

—- Yiff in hell —-

Oh so you want to leave your paradise do you now? Well I have good news for you. Below your very feet is the Blood of Pandaemonium, Magma! With a bucket on hand you can now build a gate to below the final layer of this world. Hark. Now you may begin gathering lost items like quartz and gravel.  You have completed all that you needed. Return to your empty kingdom and rule over this endless land of 4 relms. But wait.

—- The End? —-

You may be wondering “where art thou the final fortress?” Well, this is a question even I do not know if even exist. But if legends deem it possible, then a layer below even hell must exist.

Me and Coal-teir Tried out Dark Ages and it was simply amazing.

Me and Coal-teir Tried out Dark Ages and it was simply amazing.

Dark Ages [Flat world super survival preset]


The Dark Ages map contains an overworld of trees of many types, mushrooms, and flowers.

below is the common “Mushroom underworld” and below that is the Stone Plate.

you must survive and build in this dense endless forest.

WARNING to Server Owners and Moderators, Please sell blocks that do no exist in this map ONLY by trading existing blocks, you can set your own price.

WARNING to Single Players, you are ALLOWED to go to creative/use cheats ONLY to get these farming items in the list bellow.

(1 sugercane,1 watermelon,1 pumpkin,2 villager eggs, 2 mooshroom eggs,2 horse eggs, 4 sheep eggs, 1 carrot, 1 potato)

anything after that is true cheating and is not allowed!

all Layered maps codes can be found here: